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Classic motorcycle paint.

‘TRICOLOUR’ Classic motorcycle paint was originally formulated for use on classic Triumph machines. The colours were matched to original Triumph factory samples to enable Hughie Hancox Restorations & M.S. Motorcycles to achieve the correct accurate colours for their ‘Show winning’ Triumph restoration and refinishing work.

The Triumph factory had ‘At least’ two different paint suppliers at any one time who would supply their variant of a particular colour, also there would sometimes be ‘Batch to batch’ variations of shade from the same supplier. It was not uncommon to see ‘Original’ bikes of varying shades of the same colour leaving the Triumph factory.

I guarantee that ‘TRICOLOUR’ paints are accurate matches to ‘At least’ one shade used by the Triumph factory but I can also guarantee that they will not match every variant of the same colour. Due to much interest at shows, these paints are available to the professional and home restorer. All you need to do is furnish us with your engine and frame numbers. We will advise as to the original ‘Standard and export option’ colours for your particular model. We can also help with Triumph colour layouts.

Most of the ‘TRICOLOUR’ range is ‘Cellulose’ based paint and is formulated to match the original Triumph type of finish. Colours can be mixed and supplied from stock without the need of you supplying a ‘Colour sample’. Cellulose paint can be used as a ‘Basecoat’ (Over-coated with a suitable clear lacquer) if preferred but it is recommended that the last coat of cellulose paint be left to dry for 24 hours to allow all the solvents to evaporate, before clear lacquering. This will minimise the risk of ‘Lacquer cracking’ at a later date.

We do have a few of the ‘Solid’ colours formulated in Two-pack paint. (Please contact us for availability).

We also have formulations for some other Classic Marques colours and some of the ‘Modern’ motorcycle ‘Polyester Basecoat’ paints. (Again, please contact for availability).

‘TRICOLOUR’ cellulose paint ::::: £ 50:00 per Ltr.
                                                    £ 25:00 per 500ml.

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