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     With the advent of the E.U. Government Legislation introduced  on January 1st 2007 relating to paint products, cellulose paint was re-classified as 'Specialist Coatings' and as such, is no longer commercially available from all general paint supplies outlets. Cellulose paint is now only available from 'Specialist' suppliers. The 'New' regulations state that cellulose products can still be supplied for use on 'Classic Vehicles' and 'Industrial Applications'. The E.U. Government has been forcing the larger automotive body shops and commercial re-finishers into using 'Environmentally friendly' products such as 'Water Based' paints. The results of this action is that the demand for cellulose products had decreased substantially. The manufacturers are now producing smaller quantities leading to increased production costs which they pass on to the customer. I have been informed by the manufacturers that 'Whilst there is still a market for cellulose products and whilst it is still financially viable for them to do so, they will continue to manufacture'.

    My last price increase to customers for my paints was in 2007. Since then, I have absorbed multiple price increases of cellulose materials from my suppliers totaling around 45% and I have been informed that I am to expect another increase within the next month. Due to the vast increase in my costs over the past four years, I am no longer able to sustain the price of my paints. I am now reluctantly forced into increasing my retail prices by 20% to enable me to stay in business.


As from 1st January 2011 the cost of my paint will be:

£50:00 per Ltr.

£25:00 per 500ml.

Plus post and packing


See carriage cost here.


Please Note.

My paints are supplied 'Neat' and require thinning (50-50) prior to use. They are not supplied 'Ready thinned' (And at a much higher price) as some other paint suppliers.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

John Chrichlow.